For the benefits of the public, library users should follow the rules of behavior listed here to keep a good environment and order in the library. Offenders are subject to criticism, admonition and even punishment.
   1. A campus card is requested to enter the library.
   2. Campus cards are not transferable, so do not loan your card. If you do, you will be solely responsible if any damage is incurred.
   3. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the library.
   4. To maintain a clean environment, eating and drinking are prohibited in the Library.
   5. To preserve a quiet atmosphere, mobile phones and pagers should be switched off while in the Library. Silence should always be maintained in all parts of the library.
   6. Users are expected to be neatly dressed and have good manners in the library.
   7. No reservation of library seating is allowed.
   8. Users are requested to take good care of all the library literature and facilities. Books and journals must not be mutilated, defaced or hidden.