About the library

   The library of North China Electric Power University, ever called the library of Beijing Electric Power Institute, was established in 1958. In 1971, it moved to Baoding, Hebei Province. In September 1995, the library of North China Electric Power University came into being when North China Electric Power Institute and Beijing Power Economic Institute merged into North China Electric Power University. It consists of two parts, the main part being in Beijing and the other one in Baoding.
¡¡ The North China Electric Power University Library covers an area of more than 35,600 square meters and provides 4,168 seats. By the end of 2013, the collections of the library had amounted to 2,220,000 volumes, the annual increase is about 50000 volumes. The library is also abundant in digital resources, including more than forty databases, either in Chinese or English, nearly 20 of them in English, covering all disciplines of the university, more than 9,000 theses and dissertations of North China Electric Power University, more than 30,000 CD and audio-visual materials. Physical collections and virtual collections make the collections of library more complement. We insist on the principle of co-construction and sharing between the two campuses on construction of the library resources.
¡¡ Covering more than 20,000 square meters, the library in Baoding, altogether with 1,800 seats, consists of three parts: the main library branch, the second campus branch and the old library branch as a depository. It is open for 108 hours per week; the book collection of the library amounts to 1,200,000. The library subscribes to over 1100 kinds of periodicals, and over 70,000 back-issues. In August 2002, the main library, covering 13,400 square meters, came into service. It has more than 600,000 volumes and provides 1,000 seats. In September 2005, the second campus library was open, which covers 6,548 square meters, and has more than 200,000 books and 700 seats.
¡¡ There are 45 employees in the Library of Baoding campus, all of whom accept college education, even with twelve of them getting master's degree. It provides literature service for thousands of readers of Baoding campus. Now it sets up eight departments, including Acquisition and Catalogue Department, Digital Resource Department: Circulation & Reading of The First Campus, Circulation & Reading of The Second Campus, Periodical Department, Automation Department, Library Office and Information Center.
   We insist on the management idea of ¡°People-oriented, Service and Education¡±, adopt the mode of Whole Open-shelves Management and service mode of lending and reading. The open-shelves rate of the library is up to 90%. In 1992, we developed our own library management software, and gradually realized the computer integrated management, including procurement of books, classification and cataloging, circulation and searching. In 2006, Beijing Campus Library and Baoding Campus Library replaced the "Huiwen Literature Information Service System" with advanced management concept, making the literature management more convenient. In addition, the library also set up the featured reading room "Qingxin Space", providing free interlibrary loan between two campus library and other humanized service. The opening of SMS notification, mobile library and wechat, etc, meet the needs of readers as much as possible.
¡¡ The library¡¯s information services is efficient significantly. We take full advantage of abundant electronic resources (including academic journals, Duxiu, SCI, EI, IEL, Elsevier, ASME, etc), software and hardware resources to carry out a variety of information services. We build the full-text database of North China Electric Power University theses and dissertations, catalogue and full-text Database of CD and so on.
¡¡ We organized colorful educational activities for readers and cultural programs for staff. Over the years, we carried out Library-accessing Education for Freshmen, the establishment of curator-mail, prose & poetry reading Grand Prix, annual ¡°Top Ten¡± readers selection, photography contest and other activities. In addition, we also set up the Readers¡¯ Association (be consisted of students) assisting librarians. Establishment of the "Integrity House" and the activity of ¡°exchange your books¡± provide readers with a good platform to donate to the library and share with others. We set up websites, such as "Reading World", "The Librarian Home", which provide literature lovers and staff with a platform for cultural communication. Since 2010, we have launched a series of activities for Reading Festival cultural exhibitions, recruitment of volunteers and other distinctive activities and services.
¡¡ North China Electric Power University Library have made unremitting efforts to contribute its due share to cultivate qualified personnel of electricity for the country in the past fifty years. We will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit, to further the improvement of the management level, information and service level, and strive to be a high level of library.